After adding new tasks always verify the result of task by either a double click on task or by opening the Rsync parameters view, select the task and choose Verify. The main task view also lets you execute all or selected tasks in one go. Actions are triggered either by shortcuts or by toolbar. The following are allowed shortcut actions:

  • Estimate - ⌘E estimates all tasks
  • Execute - ⌘R executes all tasks
  • show info - ⌘I

All tasks in one go

When RsyncUI starts it automatically open the main view. By selecting wand and stars (shortcut ⌘E) from the toolbar will estimate all tasks. Execute the real run either direct from the summarized estimated view or by left arrow (shortcut ⌘R).

In usersettings, enable automatic execution and execution time. Automatic execution might be disabled by selecting the count down button.

If there are no files to transfer and delete the estimated view only present the dismiss button.

When a task is estimated the progress column will show a green bullet. Select the task and choose the i from toolbar will show the output from rsync.

Selected tasks

All of the above can also be utilized for either one and selected tasks. A double click on task executes a --dry-run, next double click executes the real run.

Remote info

Select a task and shortcut ⌘I will show local and remote info about a task.


Select Abort will halt any ongoing action.