Always verify, by a --dry-run, the result of a new task before executing it. The easiest way to verify a task, select the task and then the shortcut ⌘E for estimate.

The main task view lets you execute all or selected tasks in one go. A double click on a task wil execute a --dry-run, the next double click will execute the real run.

The following are allowed shortcut actions:

  • Estimate - ⌘E estimates all tasks
  • Synchronize - ⌘R synchronize all tasks
  • Abort - ⌘K abort and halt any ongoing task

When RsyncUI starts it automatically open the main view. By selecting wand and stars (shortcut ⌘E) from the toolbar start estimating all tasks.

The estimate counts down number of tasks to estimate.

The result of an estimate, blue numbers indicates there is data to synchronize. Execute the real run either direct from the summarized estimated view by left arrow (shortcut ⌘R) on the toolbar. To se details from the estimate, select a row and details are presented.

Selecting a row presents the details after an estimate run.

Synchronize tasks by selecting blue arrow (shortcut ⌘R) from the toolbar on the summarized view after estimating all tasks. A progress is shown on each task with data to be synchronized.

All synchronize tasks adds a logrecord, time for synchronize task and transferred amount of data. All data about synchronize tasks are collected from rsync output.