Always verify, by a --dry-run, the result of a new task before executing it.

A task require minimum a local catalog and a remote catalog. After entering information about a task, select the Add button to add it to RsyncUI. Continue adding new tasks until completed and tasks are saved to permanent storage after each entry.

After adding or changed a task please verify the result by executing an estimation run.

The following actions within this view:

  • Add - will add a new task
  • Update - the Add button will change when a task is selected

Just press the Enter key will automatically enter a new task. The Enter key will advance to next field. If the local catalog and remote catalog are local attached catalogs the Enter key will automatically add it after the Synchronize ID.

Copy and paste

Shortcuts for copy and paste are ⌘C and ⌘V or from the Edit menu. The copy and paste makes a copy of selected tasks and marks them with copy. The copy inlcudes all parameters of the copied tasks.


Select tasks to be deleted and delete from the Edit menu.


  • synchronize, which is default and keeps source and destination in sync
  • snapshots, save changes and deletes ahead of a synchronize
  • syncremote, remote is source, synchronize a remote source to a local volume
  • Dont´t add /
    • by default a trailing / is added to both source and destination

Catalog parameters

  • Local catalog: required field
  • Remote catalog: required field
    • the backup catalog might also be a local catalog on a local attached disk

Synchronize ID

  • Synchronize ID:
    • informal tag for the task

Remote parameters

  • Remote username:
    • username for login to remote server
  • Remote server:
    • either server name or IP-address for remote server

Add tasks

Select the Add button when completed and task is added to RsyncUI. RsyncUI adds a trailing / character to both local and remote volume. After selecting the Add button another task might be added. Any changes (edit or delete) to task are done from the Synchronize view.

Update task

To update a task select it and update. After changes either save or select another task to abandon the update.