Posted by Thomas Evensen on Thursday, March 11, 2021
Last Modified on Monday, November 20, 2023

My name is Thomas, e-mail: thomeven@gmail.com, and I am the developer of RsyncOSX and RsyncUI. The development of RsyncOSX commenced early in 2016 as a personal project to learn Swift. And the development of RsyncUI began late in 2020 to learn SwiftUI. There is some more information about the development and details of the apps here. I have a master’s degree in computing science, but I am not a professional developer. I did my master’s in the days when Linux was released in 1991 and the Internet became a public service. And a few years ahead of that, in 1989, the Web was invented at Cern.

RsyncUI and RsyncOSX are not professional software. There is only one developer, me, and I am doing what I can to keep the applications as stable and user-friendly as possible. I am not a UI designer, and some users might find the UI complicated and less user-friendly. The maintenance of RsyncOSX and RsyncUI will be one of my hobbies. As long as there are users of the apps, I will continue the maintenance. If you like using RsyncOSX or RsyncUI, please consider giving me a star on the GitHub repository. Every single star is motivation for me to continue developing and keeping the apps updated for the latest version of macOS.

In May 2022, I retired from work at the age of 62. I am a passionate photographer of nature and wildlife (birds) and love staying in the Norwegian mountains. Grandkids, photography, continuing maintenance of my macOS applications, and cross-country skiing are keeping me busy.

How are these pages built?

Hugo, which is a static site generator, is the web framework serving these pages. The source for this website is hosted on GitHub. Netlify, which runs the web server, automatically picks up changes on the main branch and rebuilds the server. The Hugo theme used is another open-source project hosted on GitHub.

Every time I change or add pages, I commit the changes to GitHub, and Netlify automatically builds the new server in seconds.